About OverFlowLegal.com

The Story of OverFlowLegal.com

Like you, we love being part of the discussion when it comes to the business of law, new legal cases within our practice areas and the future of legal practice in the information age. The journey we take as aspiring lawyers, established legal professionals or observers of the legal profession is more interesting than a book full of case law and statutes.

Like you we struggle to keep up with the overflow of legal information generated by all forms of internet media. We ask one simple question. Isn't it time to match the intellect of human discretion with the content generation potential of Web 2.0 technology?

OverflowLegal.com was born of a belief that (1) only human beings can properly edit, categorize and evaluate content for quality, (2) properly categorized and user-rated news feeds (RSS) are better than Google search, and (3) Dynamic legal content is "in" -- Westlaw and Lexis are "out."

So how do we build the most interesting, fluid and organized legal information portals on the web? The answer is simple. The answer is "YOU."

All OFL members are given the power to add quality legal content, rate content posted by others, parse content by category and subcategory, start or join the discussion about an issue, tag content by keyword, socialize content within the legal community and ... well ... shape the conversation about law, lawyer and law firms. Did we mention that OFL is going to have A LOT of fun along he way?

There are 3 levels of membership with increasing levels of responsibility and discretion:

- OFL Member
- OFL Associate Editor of [content area such as IP]
- OFL Editor

Imagine smart legal minds -- not algorithms -- locating, categorizing and rating legal information into an ever expanding list of categories and subcategories which can be subscribed to with any RSS Reader (wait until you see the category search engine we are building!).

With your help, our sponsor's support and the devoted staff of OFL, we will change the conversion from hourly quotas to something substantial.

How do I Become An Associate Editor or Editor of a content area? OFL members who demonstrate an ability to identify, post, rate, categorize and comment on quality content will be invited to become Associate Editors of OFL. Associate Editors who demonstrate an ability to manage other member's posted content may be invited to become full time staff as Editors of OFL.

Can I Add My Blog Posts? YES. Expert authors and bloggers like you are already submitting their blog posts to OverflowLegal.com. This creates added visibility for your posts, and allows your analysis and information to be rated by other readers. If you wish to submit content and you have not already done so, please Register here. We review your posts for quality and proper categorization before adding them to our front page.

If you are looking for the best information on the internet concerning trademark law, go to the trademark law page and subscribe to that RSS feed.

How Do I become Part of the OFL Community? We are building a community of thought leaders within niche legal categories. We would love for you to join us. Register here.

If you wish to contact us or suggest a new category, send us an email at contact@overflowlegal.com.